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At Doig Photography we believe that your Senior picture experience should be an enjoyable relaxed experience that produces images you will love.  The first thing I do is find out what the expectations/ideas of the Senior and parents are.  From there we can determine location, style etc.  I have been doing a lot of very different sessions lately from sports to gothic and really enoy that.  I encourage my clients to Google, Pinterest, Snapchat, whatever to find session ides that they like and send them to me. 

I've worked with everything from trains to sports to edgy industrial looks.  The sessions runs approximately two hours and usually at least two locations.  Sometimes two sessions are required if sports or very unique themes are requested.   You will receive 25-30 post-processed images to choose from.

Cost is $200 for the first sitting fee, $75 for each needed additional sitting fee.  

Print Package Options:

#1:  $450                          #2:  $385                    #3: $295

1-16x20                              1-16x20                         1-11x14

1-11x14                              2-8x10                           2-8x10

2-8x10                                4-5x7                              4-5x7

4-5x7                                  4-4x6                              2-4x6

88 wallets                          72 wallets                     84 wallet

75 Senior Invitations        50 Senior Invitatons   25 Senior Invitations

Ala Carte Pricing:

16x20  $55

11x14 $45

8x10 $25

5x7 $10

4x6 $7.50

Wallet 8 per $15.00

Invitations  $65 for pack of 25, heavy duty cardstock, two sided includes envelope.

Digial rights:

$95 if you spend more than $500 including sitting fee.

$150 if you spend more than $400 including sitting fee.

$295 with just sitting fee.

Doig Photography is a full service photography service.  For more information please contact us at images@doigphotogrpahy or call at 651-216-2311

Scott Doig, Owner